The reason we purchase insurance is to be able to make a claim should the need arise. With products as varied and complicated as these, having the right adviser in your corner come claim time is priceless. We leverage our experience and reputation within the industry to ensure that your claim is handled in the most professional and efficient manner possible.

Curo Financial Services are experts in dealing with claims, regardless of their size and complexity. Our expertise lies in our ability to conduct a thorough examination of your claim to ensure that you recieve the maximum benefit available to you.

Our Recent Claims History

Over the last three years, Curo has facilitated in paying out over $10 million in claims to our clients. Insurance is a promise to pay, and at Curo, we pride ourselves in the ability to ensure our clients receive the best possible outcome in the event of a claim. We will handle the claim in its entirety to ensure you will never have speak directly with the insurer to make the claims process as stress-free as possible for yourself and your family.

$3 085 221 of paid TPD Claims:

  • 47 year old Financial Adviser suffering mental health concerns, TPD claims with multiple insurers amounting to $950 000 paid to the client.
  • 58 year old Chief Financial Officer suffered a stroke, TPD claim submitted and within two months $574 325 paid to the client.
  • 26 year old Sales Representative suffered a severe spinal chord injury, TPD claims with two insurers amounting to almost $350 000 paid to the client.

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$2 490 400 of paid Trauma claims:

  • 59 year old female diagnosed with breast cancer, submitting a claim and client paid in 5 days.
  • 47 year old female diagnosed with cervical cancer, claim submitted and client paid $250 000 in 12 days.
  • 61 year old male diagnosed as suffering a heart attack, claim submitted and client paid $157 000 in 38 days.
  • 39 year old female diagnosed with breast cancer, claim submitted and client paid $100 000.
  • 36 year old male diagnosed with a cancer of the eye, claim submitting and client paid $210 000 in 25 days.

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Curo’s Claims Difference

The relationships that we have developed over the last 30 years in the industry has allowed us to have access to executive level representatives at many major insurers. Our reputation for operating in an ethical and responsible fashion has meant that claims officers have more faith in what we tell them and subsequently process our claims with great urgency.

Time and time again we have clients of other financial advisers being referred to us simply to handle their claim. As they are not our client, this can be a costly process for them. You don’t want to be left out of pocket due to your advisers failings come claim time.

Having these claims settled in a fashion that far exceeds our clients’ expectations is the most rewarding aspect of what we do. Some testimonials from clients’ who have benefitted from our expertise can be found here.

“I am a partner in an accounting and financial planning practice. Our financial planning activity includes providing risk advice to clients.....

- Partner, Financial Planning practice in South Brisbane QLD

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We were recently referred to Ian Satill of Curo Financial Services to undertake a review of our personal insurances. During this process Ian discovered that I should be eligible to lodge a claim for payment through my Trauma Insurance...

- Name witheld – Finance Manager, Adelaide

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“In 2007, I asked Ian from Curo to come and assist me in implementing some risk insurance strategies, such as Income Protection, Life and Trauma. As I am the sole “bread winner” for my family, I felt it was imperative...

- John Rapson, Partner, Lawrence Rundle Rapson

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